IAB World Survey Results

Praxity achieves thirteen years of consistent growth in the latest IAB World Survey, thanks to record combined global revenues of its participant firms.

2019 Revenues of Networks and Associations

Only data from the named member firm or the exclusive member firms within an organisation is included.

*Data relating to correspondent and equivalent member firms is not included.
Source: International Accounting Bulletin

Audit & Assurance Revenue

Networks and Associations

Tax Revenue

Networks and Associations

*Data excludes estimated amount for correspondent and equivalent member firms.
Source: International Accounting Bulletin

Praxity ranks 2nd in Audit & Assurance and 1st in Tax Services for mid-tier networks and associations.

In terms of regions, Praxity ranks 1st in North America and 3rd in Europe for mid-tier networks and associations.

Download PDF version

Follow the link below to download a PDF version of the latest IAB World Survey results for 2019 from the Praxity website.