Useful information and general guidance

Useful numbers

Emergency: 112

Police: 100

Ambulance: 166

Greece county code: +30

Athens city code: 210

Nearest pharmacy

Ypakoi Pinotsi

Voulis 12, Athina 105 62.

Contact: +30 210322 5982

Opening Hours: Mon-Wed and Fri 8am-10:30pm, Thur 8am-9pm


The complicated bus routes in Athens confuse a lot of travellers, so our advice is to walk to as many places as possible. When walking, beware of cars, motorcycles and scooters. Don't expect any vehicle to stop for you at a crosswalk, and don't trust a car to stop at a red light. A map of the city centre is essential.


Greek is the national language, but English is widely spoken.


Local time is seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST). If it is 12 noon in New York it will be 7pm in Athens.


The tip is often included in the bill in a restaurant. If not, leave between 10 to 15%. At cafes, round the bill up to the nearest euro. Taxis expect change, as do cloak room attendants and porters.

Shopping advice

You will find plenty of shops in the old city selling gold jewellery with traditional Greek designs, hand-woven tablecloths and unusual pottery. The vendors in the old city and the markets can be persistent, and once you are inside a shop, it can be difficult to get out without leaving some money behind. There are lots of modern branded shops within minutes of the hotel.

What to wear out and about

Attire for men and women is casual, but not excessively so. To blend in with local residents, women should wear skirts and slacks, and men should wear long pants. It's acceptable for women to wear shorts, but not when visiting churches, monasteries and mosques.